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Welcome to InTouch CrossFit located in New Malden

As a brand new facility, founded in January 2017, InTouch CrossFit is a small, grass roots box and the strength and conditioning facility to the already successful Old Emanuel Rugby club. Click here for more information. Our location is perfect for those seeking lung burning indoor training, coupled with vast outdoor space where we can take the WODs to another level.


We pride ourselves in being a grass roots box that is simple, fun and an all-inclusive facility. With great coaching in a safe and friendly atmosphere, you can push your boundaries and reach a potential you never knew you had. You are never too old, too inflexible, too weak or too unfit to give it a go. Work hard and with the help of our expert coaches you'll become fitter, stronger and happier.


Each of our members are important to us, no matter what their level or background. Our classes are small enough to ensure we are able to give enough focus and attention to each individual.


We believe that the community and the strength gained from others is vital for personal development and the support within our gym is truly outstanding. Everyone is on their own journey, but we travel together.


We strive for the box to be a second home for our members and we look forward to having you in our InTouch CrossFit family.

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"Awesome atmosphere starting with the enthusiasm of the coaches. Everyone feels welcome and no one is left behind." Steve

InTouch CrossFit coaches

We have a team of coaches with a wealth of experience and personality. Our two lead coaches have over 20 years experience in coaching and training so you can rest assured you'll receive the best coaching and advice available. So without further ado, introducing…

Rob Rivaldi

I only discovered CrossFit in my late 20’s, so am considered relatively new to the sport. After dabbling with various sports and challenges over the years to burn my excess energy and push my boundaries, (including basketball, trekking in the Himalayas and becoming a PTI in the Armed Forces Reserves), I finally stumbled across my passion for CrossFit @NEWWAVE in Cobham and have never looked back.  I was given the opportunity to open my own affiliate, a steep learning curve but now 2 years on we are full of amazing athletes who are all on their own fitness journeys together, and I am so proud of each and every one.

Without a doubt I believe knowledge is power and have put myself on as many courses as possible, as I want to provide the best for our members.



CF Level 1
CF Level 2
CF Level 3 – in progress

CF Gymnastics 
CF Kids
CF Weightlifting 
BWL Level 1 
BWL Level 2 (want to do)
Rowing Certificate

Level 4 Strength and conditioning

CF Adaptive - to help make CrossFit, and exercise in general, accessible to all. He is able to help athletes with permanent and non-permanent impairments and injuries (psychological barriers, illness, injury, and other physical disabilities) enjoy training and develop themselves to their full potential.


Favourite movement: Snatch

Favourite WOD: Karen

Least Favourite WOD: Pistol Squats

Biggest achievement: Living the dream of my own affiliate box

Favourite athlete: Ilya Ilyin

John Whelton

John loves - Power, speed and strength training, combined with endurance. Elements of fitness that only CrossFit bring together.


I am hugely interested in fitness and healthy living and a big advocate of the CrossFit philosophy of functional fitness. My passion for phys was first ignited when I was training as a 60m and 100m sprinter. This taught me the importance of strength training in delivering the explosive power that was required.


The athletics training that I did as a teenager set me up with a solid foundation on which I could build. In more recent years I have succeeded in becoming a member of the 4 Para army reservist unit. The training was both physically and mentally challenging. I had to adapt to endurance training, which is at the opposite end of the spectrum to that of my sprinting background.


In regards to my beliefs as a CrossFit coach, I prioritise form and technique as this directly translates into efficiency, strength and ultimately progression. I am hugely motivated by seeing our members progress and enjoying their training. Fitness is genuinely a passion of mine, so I am constantly looking to build on my knowledge. Through my own training programme, I consistently put what I learn into practise.



CrossFit Level 1

PT Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Strength and Conditioning)


Favourite movement: Front squat

Favourite WOD: Diane

Least Favourite WOD: Karen

Biggest achievement: Getting up

Favourite athlete: Mat Fraser

Ryan Parry-Finneran

After being involved in sport from a young age, I became passionate about health and fitness. I dedicated my initial sporting years to rugby, representing Surrey at all age groups and Esher RFC before my career sadly ended in injury at the age of 20. I’m now dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, by educating them and using various techniques to make exercise interesting and effective.


I have been a qualified Personal Trainer (PT) for over 8 years, working as PT in a number of gyms including two large fitness chains which have helped further developed my knowledge and skills. During the final year of my undergraduate degree, I worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at AFC Wimbledon; working closely with their academy (U9’s – U21’s). After having worked in Neurological Physio for the past two years, supporting patients with rehabilitation and nutrition, I decided to embark upon a Physiotherapy Masters degree, which I am now midway through.


Along with general health and fitness I love Olympic Weightlifting. I consistently aim to beat my PBs, while always trying to motivate myself and others to improve performance and technique.



CrossFit Level 1

BSc Sport Science

PT Level 3

Pre & Post-natal exercise

MSc Physiotherapy – in progress

Sports Massage


Favourite movement: Snatch

Favourite WOD: Linda

Least Favourite WOD: Annie

Biggest achievement: My son Finley and my short lived Rugby career

Favourite athlete: Marcus Filly

Alex Steele

My love for exercise began almost 10 years ago when applied to join the RAF. I had very little fitness ability at the time but wanted nothing more than to be part of the military. After failing my first attempt, I went back twice as determined to push harder and spent 4 years in the RAF. This hunger and drive is something I try to pass onto the people I coach.


What I love most about CrossFit is the process of learning and development. There are always new skills to learn, different ways to become faster, stronger and more efficient. And after realising how much I've learnt and developed in the past 2 years and seeing the development of athletes around me makes me proud to be part of this awesome community.



PT level 3

CrossFit level 1

Aerobic Capacity Certificate


Favourite movement: Double unders

Favourite WOD: Anything with an air bike

Least Favourite WOD: Anything with HSPU

Biggest achievement:  Awarded Herrick medal returning home from Afghanistan

Jed C Morales

As a previous basketball player & powerlifter Jed is very experienced in explosive movements and strength training. He has transitioned to weightlifting and is also an Olympic Weightlifting Coach. As a personal trainer and new CrossFit Coach, Jed wants to use his personal experiences to help members progress.



CrossFit Level 1

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre/post-natal Exercise

Level 2 Basketball Coach

Level 2 Strength & Conditioning

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Level 1 Powerlifting Coach


Favourite movement: Back squat

Favourite WOD: DT

Least Favourite WOD: Triple threes

Biggest achievement:  Ranking top 20 for the 66kg class in British Powerlifting (GBPF) in September 2015

Favourite athlete: Lauren Fisher

Esme Richards

I have trained and competed across multiple athletic disciplines my whole life, playing everything from tennis to rugby and football, and athletics. My passion for sports started on the football pitch and after 14 years, I hung up my boots in pursuit of a new challenge.

I started CrossFit in April 2016 and following the first session I immediately asked myself: “Why didn’t I start sooner?” I love pushing myself to my limits, providing those light bulb moments to fellow CrossFitters and watching both myself and others grow into better athletes.

My sporting background allowed me to quickly adapt to the CrossFit methodology and much like Coach John, the time I spent on the athletics track during my teenage years, developing speed and explosive power, has proved to be a great foundation for both CrossFit and Olympic Lifting.


I apply the same work ethic to coaching as I do to my personal training; striving to be better each day. I am constantly seeking out learning opportunities and knowledge from across the community, to understand and dissect movement mechanics better. I look forward to being able to share my knowledge of this complex and diverse sport with you.



CrossFit Level 1


Favourite movement: Snatch

Favourite WOD: Open Workout 17.3

Least Favourite WOD: Jackie

Biggest achievement:  My first muscle up

Favourite athlete: Katrín Davíðsdóttir

"Great box with fantastic coaches. Perfect for beginners as a great mix of skills and wods. The atmosphere is really welcoming to everyone. Highly recommend." Claire

How CrossFit became…

CrossFit is a fitness program by Greg Glassman. The program was developed over several decades to improve fitness and health. Glassman is credited for being the first person to define fitness in a relevant, measurable way. According to Glassman, fitness is increased work capacity across a broad time and modal domains.


The program constantly varies functional movements done at high intensity. CrossFit also stands out for utilising the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and many other fitness activities together. The program recognises these fitness activities as the most important movements of life because they move enormous loads over the longest distances. This makes the movements the best for maximising fitness workload over short time periods.


Intensity is crucial for a person to enjoy significant fitness results. Intensity is measured as work divided by time/power. In essence, work done over a short time requires intense effort. Increasing workload over a short period of time boosts output. The same applies to varying training approaches and functional movements. Significant fitness gains are made by varying training approaches, intensity, and functional movements constantly.


CrossFit is effective because of these principles. The program has also become effective because of the community of people that have developed after doing CrossFit workouts. CrossFit is a global program with over 13,000 affiliates. The program harnesses the natural comradeship, competition, and fun in sport and games yielding fitness intensity that is unmatched by any other fitness program available today.


CrossFit is guided by data and timelines. Using scoreboards, the program keeps accurate scores/records. The program has precise rules and standards of performance that focus on motivating unprecedented output while deriving relative as well as absolute metrics for each and every workout. CrossFit data is valuable way beyond motivation.


In summary, the main aim of CrossFit is forging broad and inclusive fitness that is supported by observable, measurable and repeatable results. The program prepares participants for all kinds of physical contingencies, known and unknown. The program doesn’t specialise as is the case with most fitness programs. CrossFit participants are prepared for all kinds of physical contingencies imaginable.


Although CrossFit challenges the fittest individuals globally, the program is designed with universal scalability in mind. This makes CrossFit the best fitness program for committed persons regardless of their fitness level or experience.


We maximise on load and intensity. We haven’t changed any core aspects of the CrossFit program.


The physical needs of professional athletes and the elderly may differ by degree but not in kind.

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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